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Soloflight is THE tool for small businesses and organizations who want to have a professional looking website that is easy to manage and update. Soloflight is a Content Management Software that was developed right here in the Rogue Valley and was designed to fit the needs of local and national small businesses and organizations. Below are some current clients that have chosen to use Soloflight as the software that drives their site.
Rogue Aquatics
Summit Beverage
NC Services
Otte Constuction
And here's why they chose it:

Custom Design:
Most company's that offer Content Management Solutions force you to choose from predesigned templates that work with their software. Not Us. Since the software is one that we created, we can customize the look and feel of the website to your exact specifications. There are no limits to how the site can be designed.

Ease of Use:
SoloFlight is extremely easy to use and most of our clients are managing their content after a single 1 hour training session. The control panel is was designed to be intuitive and has evolved with user feedback and is therefore extremely easy to navigate even for a first time user.

Soloflight Backend
SoloFlight utilizes a WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) editor for all of it's tools including the Page Editor so updating your content is as easy as creating a Word document.

Search Engine Optimization
SoloFlight offers easy access to your metadata so that you can improve your search results on the major search engines (Google, Bing and Yahoo). Along with that, the URLs generated by SoloFlight's CMS also offer SEO value by letting you decide what each pages URL suffix will be. Lastly, Project A registers each new site with these engines to ensure a fast listing as well as submitting our clients physical location with each engines mapping program.


Last, but certainly not least, is that Soloflight is the most affordable solution on the market today with all that it offers. SoloFlight was designed for small business and non-profit organizations and we know that that every dollar counts. A SoloFlight website is by far the most affordable and effective marketing tool that any business or organization can have at their disposal.

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