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City of Mercer Island Website

The Government Services team is in charge of all aspects of Project A's "In-The-Box" product line featuring Government-In-A-Box™ and Intranet-In-A-Box™. Both of these customizable solutions are providing cost-effective ways for government and industry to communicate with their audiences quickly and efficiently.  They are both database-driven web applications that employ a distributed content management model.

That sounds good, but what does it mean?

Simply put, our Web applications are customizable solutions that provide cost-effective ways for government and industry to communicate with their citizens. They are feature-rich, database-driven Web applications employing a dynamic content management model that requires no programming of any kind, and are engineered to provide a high-volume of content delivery with bulletproof reliability. Any agency staff member with authorized access can update web information, or post new information quickly and easily from any computer connected to the Internet.

Project A has a long track record of successful Web development projects. In addition to building great applications we build long-term relationships based on a foundation of trust, friendship and value. Our focus on usability and customer satisfaction combined with years of experience has fueled the ongoing development of our government Web applications and we continue to accept and process client feedback in a continuous quality improvement program for our products.

In addition to our easy-to-use dynamic content management features, Project A Web applications offer a host of other benefits to government clients. They are built using reliable, mature Microsoft Active Server Page technology using Microsoft SQL Server for robust scalability. They offer automatic email notification of important information that is posted to the Web site along with email reminders for upcoming calendar events. They are compliant with the Priority 1 recommendations of the W3C® Web Content Accessibility Guidelines, a specification for accessibility of Web sites for people with disabilities. Finally, they are affordable. Our fully dynamic, scalable, secure, full-featured applications are designed with the most advanced Web technology for about what many government agencies spend for traditional "brochureware" Web sites.

Let us demonstrate for you the power, elegant simplicity and cost-effectiveness of our government web solutions. Call us toll-free at 541-488-1702, or use our convenient email response form.

City of Ashland, Oregon
City of Colorado Springs, Colorado
City of Medford, Oregon
City of Mercer Island, Washington
City of Nichols Hills, Oklahoma
Jackson County, Oregon
Medford Water Commission
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Project A
5350 Hwy. 66
Ashland, OR 97520 USA
Phone: (541) 488-1702
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8am-5pm PST USA

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