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Facebook Fan Page Creation Tutorial

Before you start creating a fan page, make sure that you already have a facebook account and are signed in. From your home screen find the more link in the left navigation.

Facebook Instruction 1
Expand the selection by clicking More, then click on Ads and Pages

Click on the pages link

Click either the Create a Page link, or the + Create Page button. Both options will take you to the same page.

1. click on the radio button for the type of fan page you want to make

This is where you will choose what kind of fan page to create. In this tutorial, we're going to make a business fan page, but these basic steps can be applies to a fan page for anything.

2. After selecting the category for your fan page, you'll have access to a drop down menu where you can select the specific type of fan page within your chosen category. click on the arrow, then select the option that best fits your fan page needs. In this tutorial we're going to select "Other Business" because we're making a fan page for "SIB City"

3. enter the name you want for your fan page here
4. You can choose to hide your fan page from view until it is finished by checking this box
5. Click here to create your page and start adding information

6. Hover your mouse over the question mark, and the change picture option will pop up. Click on it to upload a profiel picture of your fan page.
7. To edit information for your fan page, click on the info tab
8. This box is for a short blurb about your fanpage
please see the following slide for illustrations of uploading a profile pick, and steps 6 and 8

this is what it looks like when you click to upload a picture. select whichever option you want to use to add a profile picture.

example of steps 6 and 8 when completed

9. Your info page will be blank when you first click on the info tab. Click on the edit information link to add information.

10. Fill in the blanks with the information for your fan page
11. Here you can enter the hours of operation for your business. When creating for a city, you can leave them blank.
12. Click here to add more information
note: any fields left blank on this page will not show up at all on your info page

13. Enter more information in these fields. check these boxes if they apply
14. click save changes to save the work you are doing on your information page
15. click here when you're done editing your fan page's info. You can always come back and add or edit later

16. click on settings to edit the settings for your fan page.

you can choose what part of your fan page visitors are directed to using this drop down menu. We have it set so that visitors will land on our fan page's wall first, but you can choose to have them go directly to the information page, or to photos ect.

This is where you can add links (highlighted in blue), videos (highlighted in orange), events (highlighted in yellow) and photos (highlighted in green) to your fan page. You can also type to add news or comments to your wall. Click the share button to publish whatever you're sharing.

you can choose how fans can post to the wall by checking or unchecking these boxes.

17. Clicking on this link will take you to a page where you can edit more settings

be sure to publish your page here if you chose not to at the beginning. Just click on publish this page

On this page you'll be able to fine tune the preferences and settings for your fan page. You can also add applications to your fan page, and edit the settings for the applications already on your page (like links and events).

You can make other facebook users admins of your fan page, which will give them the power to make changes to the fan page. Just click add then click on their picture from the list. they must be your facebook friend in order to make them an admin.

Project A
5350 Hwy. 66
Ashland, OR 97520 USA
Phone: (541) 488-1702
Hours: Mon-Fri
8am-5pm PST USA

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