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2Tap Text

2Tap Text sends common messages to your contacts literally in two taps! Tap on a contact name, tap on a pre-defined message (like "Call me" or "In meeting"). Your text message (SMS) or short email is sent as soon as you choose the message! Plus, send a link to your current location in Google Maps with two taps.

There are two lists in the app:

  1. Your favorite people (easily pulled from the Contacts app or entered in our app). Just choose the number and the wireless carrier of the mobile phone. (Limited to three contacts in 2Tap Text Lite.)
  2. Your favorite messages, all editable and expandable. Built-in (just to get you started): Call me, I'm at ... (map link), I'm on my way, In meeting, OK, Please stand by, Running late. (2Tap Text Lite has three fixed, common messages.)

In the first list, each person has an email and/or texting icon. Tap an icon for the person you want to contact. Then in the message list, tap the message. That's it! TwoTap Text bypasses the iPhone email and messaging clients so there are no further taps required.

Number of taps required to send "I'm on my way" to a friend: Ordinary App: 15. TwoTap Text: 2.

Our special "I'm at ... (map link)" message sends a Google Maps link to your current location. Any smartphone or email recipient can tap the link, find you, and get directions to your location (full version only).

Messages in the message list may be added or edited. When editing, the SMS text message length is displayed. Messages may be set as favorites to keep them at the top of your message list (full version only).

Five major U.S. carriers are predefined. You can edit and add any carrier with an email gateway.

iPod Touch users can send text messages too (requires wi-fi). Email does not have to be set up on the device to send email.

2Tap Text, the 99-cent full version, lets you add, edit your messages, and send your location to someone as well so they know where you are.

The free 2Tap Text Lite is limited, but gives you the essence of how cool this app is and how the full version is worth your buck.

2Tap Text Support: Web or Email

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