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Site-in-a-Box Complete Tool List with Descriptions

Ad Manager
This module was developed to offer a creative approach to publicizing sponsored events, programs, advertisements, or important information. Many of our clients now use banner advertisements on their sites to advertise sponsored events and programs. See examples.

Agendas and Minutes
This component is used to post agendas and minutes for the city council and the various volunteer citizen-based commissions, committees, and boards. Agendas and Minutes may be posted as either text or PDF files. Agenda and minutes are linked together within the archive for effortless data retrieval. Connect an agenda to the calendar event associated with it, send email notifications to site subscribers, archive by date, and search using SIBs built in search function. See examples.

Alert Tool
The Alert tool provides a painless way to make sure that every person who visits your web site sees your important message. The Alert tool was designed to notify people of closures, delays, or emergencies. The key to the Alert tools effectiveness is that it forces your web page down revealing a custom made banner, which when clicked directs the visitor to a page with more information. See examples.

Business Directory
This component includes the ability to search for businesses by keyword, an A to Z listing, and by a Category. Regardless of the search method used, “Premium” businesses are always listed at the top of the search listing. Each listing includes a link to a business detail page, which may include full business information, a logo or photo, and a link to the businesses email and website. See example.

Use this component to manage all calendar events hosted or sponsored by your website of interest to site visitors. The SIB Calendar has separate month, week, and day views, and will provide maps to all events as well as email reminders of upcoming events. All event information is displayed in an easily readable format for your citizens, and may be filtered by event type, department, and location or searched using key words or phrases.

Code Tool
This component may be used to manage municipal code statutes, eliminating the need to purchase this service from a third-party vendor. Code files are added to the site using a provided “wizard,” and may be arranged in any hierarchy suitable to the client. Code files may be in either text or PDF format. Code that is maintained in text format may have up to eight images uploaded with each code section, and all code sections are searchable by keyword.

Commissions, Committees, Boards
Use this component to manage information pertaining to all citizen volunteer commissions, committees, and boards. Each commission, committee, and board may have its own page with descriptive information, a listing of members including staff and council liaisons and their email addresses, as well as links to both agendas and minutes and calendar events for upcoming meetings.

Contact Us Form
An integral part of the SIB site, this page has an email response form to allow visitors to interact with you. This page is also typically used to display names, phone numbers and email addresses of key individuals, making your staff more easily accessible to your citizens.

Content Approval and User Role System
Just as government agencies are discovering the power of the Internet to deliver information and services, they are also discovering that the quality of the information is arguably more important than the quantity of the information. In response to this critical need, Project A has developed a flexible content management and approval solution for its SIB product. This system allows Content Masters to be given access to multiple database components across multiple departments, and offers up to five levels of approval in a variety of “roles” within the Website management hierarchy. These roles reflect the positions of the people who occupy them and the work they perform, while conforming to the business rules regarding the flow of information through the agency.

Contribution Form
This component accepts donations but gives the option of accepting a gift. See example.

Crumb Trail
This component uses a single line of text to show a page's location in the site hierarchy, while being increasingly beneficial to users. It is automatically created and displayed on the top of the page requiring very little space on your screen increasing usability. See example.

Department Themes
This component allows multiple design themes within the website which helps distinguish departments from one another. Add unique images and/or logos to some or all departments.

Document Manager
The Document Manager is a component that provides a central repository for all downloadable documents posted on your website. Documents may be posted in any file format, along with a file icon (if needed), a text description, and file size indication. All documents are categorized by department. See example.

Donation Form
This component is used to take donations on your website securely and efficiently. The donation form is ready to go and asks for complete contact and credit card information. See example.

Email Article to a Friend
This component is embedded at the bottom of all pages enabling visitors to easily share a page with a friend via email - without copying and pasting the link into their email. After visitors click on the Email-a-Friend button they can fill in their name and email address, recipient's name and email address, change the subject line, and add a custom message. For security purposes a CAPTCHA can be added so that the form doesn't send out spam mail. See examples.

Email Subscriber
An integral component of SIB is a system for email notification and calendar event reminders. It is an “Opt In” system, so when new content is posted to the sites, email notifications are automatically sent to subscribed users, bringing them back to the site for further information. Users select only the content in which they are interested. The system has been extended to the Calendar component in the form of email reminders. Users may elect to receive an email reminder up to one week in advance of upcoming calendar events.

Employment Application
This component is used to manage information about job opportunities offered by your city, business, or organization. The standard component allows all relevant job information to be displayed for each job, including uploading a job application as a PDF file.

Event Marquee
This component works in conjunction with the Calendar tool and uses images to represent up-and-coming events rather than plain text. See examples.

File Manager
This component allows you to manage all files and view what has been uploaded to the site. Files can be removed, renamed, or copied. If a file is in use, a padlock will appear next to the file so that it cannot be deleted. Multiple files can be uploaded within a zip file and multiple files can be zipped and downloaded to your personal computer for backup. See examples.

Form Builder
This component allows the Content Master to create new online forms with email response capability. Create a page with specific fields, label them, add simple validation and have them submitted to a single email address or a distribution list. These forms may be used to report problems, reserve park pavilions, obtain information, comment on land use issues, or for anything that requires input or feedback from visitors.

Found Animals
This component allows you to post and manage animals that have been found.

Frequently Asked Questions
This component manages frequently asked questions and their answers are categorized under individual department. Contact information, including email addresses may be included with each FAQ.

Google Mini
Enhance the users search experience by adding the power of Google search to your website in an ad free environment. Create custom searches with sponsored results. See example.

Highlight Current Page Builder
This feature increases usability by highlighting the left navigation link of the active page.

"How Do I" Tool
This component is similar to the frequently asked questions tool, but allows you to answer specific "how do I" questions within the context of a category. While the FAQ component answers questions such as "what are your hours?" the "How do I" component ideally answers questions such as, "How do I obtain a business license?"

Image Manager
The Image Manager is a database specifically designed to manage all JPEG and GIF images in use on the site. All images are stored in galleries and displayed as easily recognizable thumbnails, and each image is required to have a descriptive text caption to ensure ADA compliance.

iTracker/Help Desk
This component allows citizens to post problems or complaints that can be managed by appropriate your staff. See example.

Use this component to create and display links to various other agency websites, and/or sites which are deemed appropriate and necessary to your citizens. Links are grouped into categories with text descriptions, and may be set to open in a new browser window, if necessary.

This component lets users keep up-to-date after they have visited your website. Create, send, and track newsletter within this component without a per email fee or worrying about email client incompatibilities. Send newsletters to the entire subscriber list or import your own. See examples.

News with Photo Thumbnails
Use this dynamic component to manage news releases on the site. Text and images may be assembled to complete each news release. See examples.

Page Builder
This component is used to create brand new pages and links on the site. Each page uses a template that is consistent with all other pages on the site, retaining a uniform look and feel spanning all pages on the site. Three unique templates are currently available for Page Builder pages.

Pet Adoption
This component allows you to post dogs and/or cats that are available for adoption. Add a picture, description, and information on who to contact to adopt.

Poll Editor
This component is used to create quick opinion polls with a single question and up to eight possible responses. Depending on template design, Polls may be displayed on the homepage and any departmental homepage.

This component is used to post information regarding ongoing capital improvement projects within the city. A text description and image may be posted, plus each project has its own email response form used to obtain additional information about the project.

RFPs (Request for Proposals)
Use this component to post RFPs, RFQs, and Invitations to Bid. Government contractors may obtain information about available jobs and request a bid packet for more complete information.

This dynamic component may be used to search the entire site using key words or phrases. Each page has a search field, making key word searches easy for citizens anywhere on the site. There is also an “Advanced Search” page, for more intensive searches using logical operators (“and” and “or”).

Site Map
This dynamic page displays all links and pages in a logical hierarchy, and is designed to grow automatically as new pages are added with the Page Builder component.

Staff Directory
Create a business or organization wide directory from which users can easily obtain names, email addresses and phone numbers for your staff members. See example.

Survey Builder
Surveys are a good method of taking a “snapshot” of public opinion to current events.

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