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5350 Hwy. 66
Ashland, OR 97520
Phone: (541) 488-1702
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Quick Subscribe

Staying in touch with your customers, clients and patrons is easy with Site-in-a-Box's Quick Subscribe tool. Visitors to your website can subscribe in three easy steps to receive updates via email about new news, events, employment opportunities, projects and RFP's posted on your website.

Quick Subscribe lets businesses directly contact customers with news about new products or services. For municipalities, there is perhaps no better way in keeping citizens up-to-date with important announcements than with notices sent directly to their email in-boxes.

We can configure this tool in your Site-in-a-Box to fit the specific needs of your organization. Take a look at a few of the options.

City of Medford, Oregon

Site-in-a-Box Quick Subscribe

The City of Medford Oregon uses the default configuration for the Quick Subscribe. This gives users the option of subscribing to specific announcements from our Active Content toolset, such as: 

Coming Attractions Theatres

Coming Attractions owns theatres throughout Oregon and Northern California. Since users often only want information about the theatre located in their city, the Quick Subscribe is configured so that users can choose a specific theatre to receive information from.

Site-in-a-Box Quick Subscribe

Oregon Department of Transportation

ODOT’s Employment Application uses a custom configured Quick Subscriber that sends email updates to job seekers, based on what types of jobs they are interested in.

Quick Subscribe ODOT

If you are not sending out email announcements, you're missing out on an active audience of users who want to hear from you.

Contact Project A to talk about adding Quick Subscribe to your site.

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5350 Hwy. 66
Ashland, OR 97520 USA
Phone: (541) 488-1702
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