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Project A, Inc.
5350 Hwy. 66
Ashland, OR 97520
Phone: (541) 488-1702
Contact: Sales
Hours: Mon-Fri 8:30am-5:00pm

Project A's Support and Emergency Line Procedure

Project A's in-house technical and customer support staff are ready to help, Monday-Friday, 8am-5pm Pacific Time, and will respond to emergency requests 24x7.

Known Issues

Known issues will be posted at and the status of any outages will be reported there until resolved. You can subscribe to the Group for advanced notification or our Twitter account for up-to-date information on network or server outages.

During Regular Business Hours
Call our Emergency Message Line if:

Your connectivity is down, you can not reach


You need After Hours Support (use the support form before calling, if possible, and note your Incident Tracking Number.)

Emergency Message Line
(541) 488-1702 x301 or (707) 623-1896 x301
This will page our on-call technicians, and you will receive a response ASAP, with a maximum of 2 hour response time. In your message, please make sure you leave your full name, organization name, and a phone number. Use the Support Form before calling (if possible) and note your Incident Tracking Number. Note: even if our VOIP phone lines happen to be down, we will still receive these messages. If you do not receive a call back within 2 hours, please call the mobile phone numbers below.

Scheduled Maintenance Window

In order to maintain our network security and reliability, we must occasionally make upgrades to our network and software. Most often these upgrades take only minutes, and are usually imperceptible to our customers. However, sometimes a longer outage is required. If you do notice a period of downtime during this maintenance window, please be assured that this is to maintain the integrity of our network.

This maintenance window is from Wednesday night at 9pm until Thursday morning at 2am, PST.

Phone Numbers

General Support Line
(541) 488-1702 x105
(707) 623-1896 x105

Web Services
(541) 488-1702 x103
(707) 623-1896 x103

Emergency Message Line
(541) 488-1702 x301
(707) 623-1896 x301

Mobile Phones
Paul Steele - (541) 227-8189
Jim Teece - (541) 227-8188

Project A
5350 Hwy. 66
Ashland, OR 97520 USA
Phone: (541) 488-1702
Hours: Mon-Fri
8am-5pm PST USA

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(541) 488-1702 x101

Support Homepage
Open a Trouble Ticket
(541) 488-1702 x105 or
(707) 623-1896 x105

Main Line:
(541) 488-1702 or
(707) 623-1896
Front Desk: ext. 0
Accounting: ext. 102
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