Rick Carter
Vice President - Dev Services

Rick Carter

My goal is to provide our clients with the finest solutions possible, using the latest tools that make my job, as well as our clients' easier."

Rick is a programmer and he specializes in rapid application development. He understands the ins and outs of application development this insight allows him to select and use the appropriate tool for the job.

... and before you finish the question you were about to ask him, he has already developed a database solution to your problem. "Just click here." is the only answer you will ever hear. He has fished the depths, yet is known to always raise the roof. "Stealth" Carter, as he is often known, is 100% certified MCPMF and wrote the book on most subjects worth knowing. Truly stealthy, he has never been seen by almost 70% of Project A's growing staff and rumors abound that he is actually a team of developers located somewhere offshore. Upon hearing these rumors, Rick usually fires back a stream of database applications that make his origins all the more mysterious.

Rick's background with Project A includes: OAMS Product Manager, and lead programmer for Noble Mountain Tracking System, CIAO, OAMS, Apartment Tracker and several other projects. Rick specializes in ASP, VBScript, Javscript, DHTML, C#, VB.NET, ASP.NET, Microsoft SQL Server, Microsoft Access, Microsoft Visual Basic, Visual FoxPro and an assortment of other database development platforms.

Rick lives in Medford with his wife Jennifer and their two daughters Katy and Emily. Rick has a B.S. in Computer Science from Oregon State University.

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