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SIB Standard ($750 Retail. 20 Pages and News only)
SIB Professional ($2500 Retail)
SIB Custom
ProStores Express ($25/mo Retail)
ProStores Business ($50/mo Retail)
ProStores Advanced ($150/mo Retail)
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 * Project Management (Typically 2 for SIB and 4 for StoreSense)
 * Design Mockup (4 hours per mockup)
 * Design Implementation (Typically 4 hours. Graphics must be supplied in layered Photoshop format.)
 * Training (Typically 2 hours for SIB and 4 for StoreSense.)
 * Support (Support is optional. All email and phone support is billed at normal hourly rate.)


Hosting Contract will be directly with Client (not Reseller) unless otherwise indicated.

* Domain Name(s): Please enter in all domain names that will be hosted at Project A. Note if the domain is a new registration or a transfer of a current domain. Indicate which will have email vs. those 'parked' or set up as redirects to main site. You must also indicate if Project A will need to register the domain name and keep track of its expiration date. All hard costs for domain registration must be paid in advance. Domain registrations are $20 per year plus a one-time setup fee of $15.

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Please review all fields before submitting this form. A 50% deposit on all new jobs is required. Project A will provide you with a written Estimate of the work to be performed. Please note that this form is a request for service only and does not guarantee delivery of requested services.

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